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“Dedh Bigha Zameen” A Hindi-Language Drama (Film) 2024

Dedh Bigha Zameen (transl. ”One and a Half Bighas of Land”) is a 2024 Indian Hindi-language drama film that captures the essence of rural India’s socio-economic struggles. The film is skillfully crafted by Pulkit, who both wrote and directed the project, and produced by Karma Media And Entertainment.

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Dedh Bigha Zameen

Cast and Crew

The movie stars Pratik Gandhi and Khushali Kumar in the lead roles, bringing their unique talents to the forefront. Their performances are anticipated to add depth and authenticity to the film’s narrative, which revolves around themes of land ownership, poverty, and resilience.

Plot and Themes

The storyline of “Dedh Bigha Zameen” is grounded in the harsh realities faced by many rural Indian families. It delves into the socio-economic issues and the deep-rooted connection between farmers and their land. The film’s title itself is a nod to the small but significant plot of land that becomes the central point of conflict and emotion in the story.

Direction and Writing

Pulkit, known for his nuanced storytelling, has taken a realistic approach to highlight the plight of the rural populace. His direction ensures that the film does not just narrate a story but also evokes empathy and a better understanding of the struggles faced by marginalized communities in India. The screenplay is tight and engaging, keeping the audience invested in the characters’ journey throughout.


Produced by Karma Media And Entertainment, “Dedh Bigha Zameen” benefits from high production values and meticulous attention to detail. The cinematography captures the essence of rural landscapes, enhancing the narrative’s emotional and visual impact. The production house has a reputation for backing meaningful cinema, and this film is no exception.

Premiere and Release

Dedh Bigha Zameen premiered on JioCinema on 31 May 2024. The choice of a digital premiere on a popular streaming platform like JioCinema ensures that the film reaches a wide audience, catering to the growing trend of online content consumption. This strategic release aligns with the current shift in how audiences engage with new films, providing easy access and convenience.

Reception and Expectations

While it’s still early to gauge the full impact of  “Dedh Bigha Zameen”, the anticipation surrounding its release suggests it could resonate well with both critics and audiences. Given the strong performances by Pratik Gandhi and Khushali Kumar, combined with Pulkit’ s direction, the film is expected to be both a critical and commercial success.

In Short

“Dedh Bigha Zameen” stands out as a significant addition to contemporary Indian cinema, shedding light on important social issues through compelling storytelling and powerful performances. The film’s release on JioCinema makes it accessible to a broad audience, potentially sparking conversations about the depicted themes and the realities of rural life in India. As the film continues to reach viewers, it promises to be a poignant and thought-provoking piece of cinema.