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An Earning Source That You Can Comfortably Live Your Life

An Earning Source That You Can Comfortably Live Your Life

Everyone needs a job to earn their living. Be it private or government, you need a job. Looking at this population, it seems that there is a lot of competition for all the jobs which one has to face. But to know that this beach is such an earning source that you can comfortably live your life for a few years, you should read ahead. Because if you do not get complete information after a while then it is very dangerous to start work halfway and it will not allow you to improve and will not let you run your work in future so you get good information and then start that work. You will spread the society in such a manner that we will continue to study further and start working from the beginning.

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make your own brand

It is important to concentrate on your desire if you want to do such a work which makes you happy. If you don’t want anyone to be yours, you just have to work for yourself as if you are married without love, then after marriage you will start loving that person as it is very important for you to work for yourself. Now it is your decision whether to do or not to do something to someone whom you do not know. Therefore, we will have to work a little less to earn daily bread. Therefore, it is very important for you to love the work you are doing.Nowadays, everyone’s eyes and doors have opened on every issue which calls for competition. Start your work quietly and keep getting results. No matter how small or big, one should not hesitate or feel shy.

Create Your Own Brand

Even though there is little risk, there is less investment. You can also get more profit. You will get a lot of benefit by selling grocery items like hot packs to whole sellers and the demand for more products will also increase if you pack good products and give them to wholesalers like items used in daily meals. Let us know about these items further.

For which I said above, if you want to work with minimum investment and make maximum profit, then follow these steps:

1.You spend a week’s time in the market where all the grocery items are sold. You go and keep trying to see what all the sellers are selling.

2. After a week, list down what is in high demand in the market, which today you would know, that is, most of the items would be sold equally and some of the items you would not know. You must have been shocked at times… now list them.

3. After listing, you have to choose one item which is sold in pouch packing. Write the item which needs to be sold daily. And now you have to go to the grocery store and buy pouches from 5 to 10 different companies and after returning home, check the price and quality of all the pouches  Just for the information.

4. Now that you have seen the product, you feel as if this product is mine and I can sell it to many wholesalers and grocery store owners in the market. It means that you are on the right track. Let’s move on to the next step.

5. The product you have chosen is very difficult to make…you would think so, right?
It is not so hard that the product is the name of your brand. You heard it right…Worry free and with less investment, you just have to trust yourself and muster the courage to sell. are you ready? yes you will prepare. read it carefully and launch your own brand in the market shortly without making your manufacturing unit or lot of workers. are you ready to get all information how to start than read it.

6.For example, let us assume that you have chosen a sachet of chocolates. Use it if you want to sell your brand as a bank. So you can choose a name of your brand like “dairy milk” and like “chocobar” you can keep any name which is not a registered brand in the market. After choosing the brand name, you should register the brand in your name. For this you need to consult a chartered accountant. This brand registration should be done by contacting any third party registration provider.

make your own brand

7. After your brand registration i.e. trade mark registration, a GST certificate should be made or even before that you can make a GST certificate. Now you will have passed brand registration, given GST certificate and will also be given a certificate to start the business from there. It is better to start a business in the industrial area or in the market area.

How to build and sell your brand:

Now you have to go to a nearby city or long distance cities where there are more chocolate companies, like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai, Chennai etc. Or you visit a chocolate factory in any big city, taste it and decide which company has the best product quality and price. At that time you will be manufacturing your brand and selling it in your cities and anywhere else. You can create a good brand by selling it. The more you keep building your brand, the more you will see growth and after a few years you can set up your own manufacturing unit. The government can help you in your city. Because you keep the tab by providing employment. So, you can make any brand your name and create a stir in the market.


1. How much investment will it take to create a chocolate brand in your own name?

Answer: At most the first order and paper work together will cost 2 Lakhs Rupees to 3 Lakhs Rupees.

2. Can we do this work anywhere?

Ans: You can work anywhere but starting from a big city is very good because there is no brand trust issue.


Nowadays any work can be done very easily with just a little money. So that we have useful experience and the product of same range, you can get brand registration done in your name and can create a stir in the market if you have marketing. Nowadays it has become very easy to make a name for yourself and build a brand, with the advent of social media, you can quickly create a brand of your own and sell it as I have told you. And share this also to reach someone in need. If you have any questions or want to work with me you can mail me. I hope you like it.