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Cricket ICC World Cup 2023, What A Startup By New Zealand Team

Cricket ICC World Cup 2023, What A Startup By New Zealand Team

The Cricket ICC World Cup 2023, which was held at Ahmadabad Narendra Modi stadium on 5th October 2023,  which we can say “What A Startup” By New Zealand Team really its super match  to cricket lover because of players involvement for chasing the score without lagging faith back when seeing chasing score by loosing one main wicket but they achieved first win in this match. that was super to see and congratulations to winning team  because they did good performance so they have to get recognition by cricket lovers specially when performing against the a big team like England which is in good form.

Cricket ICC World Cup 2023

special two players were played well R Ravindra and D Conway as a team they performed well by completing their 100s each that is their great score in their carrier as of D Conway did his 5th One Day International century  and Rachin  Ravindra’s  1st One Day International century . R Ravindra not only he performed by bat he did well by bowling also. by winning Toss New Zealand was choose  fielding as soon as they started field initially they faced pressure by starting England batsman J Bairistow who done around 47 Runs which good at that time by loosing one wicket. but after M Henry bowling they struggled to do more runs because of good bowling length. T Boult also done good bowling but not taken more wickets he has taken only one wicket but helped to minimize huge score of  England.

The start was good by England by doing good but lost D Malan wicket early so it effected their batting length but however J Bairistow started to hit boundaries that was quite good to see after that two batsman not did well they returned to back but however J Root started bating by hitting Fours and six by doing this he did good score for England after he loosing his wicket bowlers also  performed well but not so good due to pressure or harry bury  they lost 9 wicket by playing all 50 overs doing 282 runs.

The New Zealand team when started bating against England  opener was D convey and W Young , however New Zealand lost their first wicket in the form of W Young , after this R Ravindra came for bating it was initial start, they started quite slow bating but after they both have done really good bating by doing 100S in ICC World Cup . D Conway grabbed 1st Century of 2023 ICC World Cup and his 5th ODI century it was quite good to see achievement by performing well in this world cup which is not a small movement as a player it was really best movement of his cricket carrier it needs lot of efforts and good luck because without loosing wicket against well known bowlers that real difficult.