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ICC Men’s world cup 2023 Special Movements

ICC Men’s world cup 2023 Special Movements

Yes games are always unpredictable but this time Indian Cricket Team is shocking to all other teams because never ever nobody has seen this type of performance in any other  cricket trophies before this 2023 so every one is saying that ICC Men’s world cup 2023 Unpredictable Winnings.  So this world cup is special for Indian Cricket lovers because they want to see this type of performances. real hard work enthusiasm  of players is exploring in these world cup matches. real hard work getting real award by Indian Cricket lovers or you can say fans.

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there is a one movie dialogue  in Hindi ” kamiyabi ke piche math bhago kabil bano kamiyabi khudba khud zak marke tumhare piche ayegi”  it means that ” do not work for success first you try to be perfectionist than automatically success attract you very soon without any trouble” so Indian players are now perfect in their game so success is attracting in every match. after seeing grand success by beating world champions like England, Australia, New Zealand , South Africa and another teams its horrible to them to digest this type of winnings in this WORLD CUP 2023 Trophy. some countries people also appreciating  of Indian Team performance and team work.

Indian fans are supporting to all team players who are playing at the  ground . they are getting shocked how they are cheering  them some of famous players are crying in last match G Maxwell by saying because of Indian fans and their love i chased this much of runs and we won this match. when he saying that time in his eyes filled with tears it was very heart touching   movement when he was explained and said his opinion about Indians. Cricket is the World famous game Indians feels it as a festival they wont think more about the country they think their cricketer what you say please comment your opinion.

Hardhik Pandya  is out from world cup 2023

India is playing a very good cricket as you all know but one of our player Hardhik Pandya was injured because of that he is out from this world cup as he played as a all rounder so many fans are missing him lot. in his place P Krishna is joined Indian team as he is very good player he played well in many  form like T20 and Indian Premier League and ODI series so he is well experienced player hope he will fill Hardhik Pandya place very memorable in   world cup 2023 lets hope on him and will say all the best . there is no worries in this team as of know bowling as well as batting forms are very special as they playing and chasing like super heroes as they are so it good for all fans and to the country. we wish them to win this   WORLD CUP 2023.

Virat Kohli Celebrated His 35th Birth Day

The famous Indian cricketer Virat Kohli celebrated  his 35th Birth Day on this day he done one more century by this century his record is equal  to cricket god Sachin Tandulkar  in ODI format 49th century of his carrier on his birth day it was very special movement. all fans are wished him lot by cheering after the century and he was in winning mood he has done dancing steps that was very beautiful movement for all Virat Kohli fans. cricket fans are enjoying this world cup lot because of that so many other country players are enjoying and they are feeling good . they have good relation with Virat as we seen on his birth day it was very nice.

ICC Men's world cup 2023

G Maxwell has done unforgettable achievement in tough situation

what a performance really its unforgettable cricket performance in cricket history with body cramps lot of pain he done 201 runs by this Australia won that match . it was really tough   because after loosing 7 wickets there was no hope for win however by luck G Maxwell got two chances because of Afghanistan  fielder missed his catch twice so that day was for him so he has done two century with lot of pain he shown his love and commitment towards Cricket . because of these special movements this ICC World Cup 2023 Getting special recognition from the all over world. in this year Cricket fans are increased as compare to other games as per the recent surveys. any way congratulations to great man Mr. G Maxwell for his achievement.

Hope every one is enjoying by seeing  this  ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 lets hope in future also expecting the good cricket. and one more A mathew and Sabik Al Hasan issue was little bit hurts some fans but it should not repeat in future.