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Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp: A Blend of Live-Action and Animation Fun

In a delightful continuation of the adventures of everyone’s favorite animated mischief-maker, Woody Woodpecker, the 2024 film “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” brings back the beloved character in a live-action/animated slapstick comedy. Directed by Jon Rosenbaum and produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, this sequel to the 2017 film “Woody Woodpecker” promises to deliver more laughter and chaos, appealing to both new audiences and long-time fans alike.

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The Creative Team:

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Behind the scenes, the film boasts a talented team, with Stephen Mazur and Cory Edwards taking the helm as writers, ensuring a script that maintains the spirit of the original character. Producer Jon Kuyper oversees the production, aiming to capture the essence of Woody Woodpecker’s mischievous antics while infusing fresh energy into the story.

A Standalone Sequel:

“Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” serves as a standalone sequel to its predecessor, offering a new escapade for Woody in a familiar yet exciting setting. Building upon the foundation laid by the 2017 film, this installment dives deeper into Woody’s world, exploring new challenges and adventures.

The Plot:

Set against the backdrop of a bustling summer camp, the film follows Woody Woodpecker as he embarks on a series of hilarious escapades. From pranks gone awry to unexpected friendships, Woody’s journey is filled with laughter and lessons. As he navigates the ups and downs of camp life, Woody discovers the true meaning of friendship and teamwork, all while keeping audiences entertained with his trademark antics.

The Blend of Animation and Live-Action:

One of the film’s standout features is its seamless blend of animation and live-action elements. Through cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship, Woody Woodpecker comes to life on screen, interacting with real-world environments and characters in a way that feels both authentic and magical. This innovative approach adds depth and dimension to the storytelling, immersing viewers in Woody’s zany world like never before.

Release and Reception:

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp* premiered on April 12, 2024, exclusively on Netflix, allowing audiences worldwide to enjoy the film from the comfort of their homes. With its winning combination of humor, heart, and nostalgia, the movie received positive reviews from both critics and audiences, further solidifying Woody Woodpecker’s status as a timeless icon of comedy.


In “Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp” director Jon Rosenbaum and his team have crafted a delightful cinematic experience that captures the essence of the beloved cartoon character while offering something new and exciting for fans of all ages. With its clever blend of animation and live-action, engaging plot, and charming performances, this film is sure to leave audiences laughing and longing for more adventures with Woody Woodpecker.